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GoPro produces arguably the most versatile cameras in the world, the famous HD HERO® line of wearable and gear-mountable cameras and accessories.


Released in 2003, the Military CYPRES 2 is the most sophisticated AAD (Automatic Activation Device) world wide. It combines German high tech engineering with outstanding quality and reliability. CYPRES is the most advanced
AAD you will find on the market today. More than 40 countries, NATO allied forces, as well as the US Navy, Air force and Army rely on CYPRES when it comes
to skydiving missions. All in all more than 140.000 CYPRES units are in service today.

For training mode a simple switch on before boarding enhances parachuting safety for the next 14 hours to come. By using the unique simplicity of handling, we minimize a potential error input
by the stressed soldier.

The electronic processing unit automatically recalibrates to ground level frequently within its functioning period. The CYPRES senses take off and acceleration of the aircraft and starts
to monitor any action made by the parachutist. The soldier can focus his full concentration on the mission at hand.


The Javelin Odyssey is certified under the FAA TSO Category C 23 (d), meaning that it has been drop tested to weights in excess of 300 lbs at high speed.